Racing to Raise Money for Victims of Terror

On Monday morning April 3, hundreds of runners left the Hebrew University campus in Jerusalem and raced 22 km to the finish line in Israel’s largest annual marathon – the Jerusalem Half Marathon.  Among the competitors was Benjy Singer, London native, born athlete, and OneFamily supporter who was racing to raise money for Israeli victims of terror through OneFamily.

This isn’t Benjy’s first time raising money for terror victims. Two years ago while in England during Purim he raised 5,000 Pounds for OneFamily. “In London I felt so far away from what was happening in Israel, but I wanted to help. Raising money for terror victims was the best way I could,” said Benjy.

Benjy made aliyah to Israel just 13 months ago and is currently training at David Yellin College to be an English teacher. He came to Israel with a first degree in International Relations, a Masters in Religious Education and Philosophy, as well as an MBA in Educational Management. In London he taught history and Jewish studies to high school students.

Now that Benjy is living in Israel he says, “When you’re here you see even more how much Israel’s terror victims need our help. I enjoy being in Israel, but I realize there are many people here struggling to get by. It is our responsibility to help.”

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