Woodside Park Synagogue Dedicates Bulletproof Car for OneFamily

OneFamily UK supporters dedicate the bulletproof car they donated to OneFamily

On Tuesday, November 28, a mission from the Woodside Park Synagogue visited OneFamily’s Jerusalem Center for the festive dedication of a bulletproof car the synagogue donated to OneFamily.

“This car provides our staff with a tremendous sense of security, and enables us to make home visits to families living in dangerous areas,” said OneFamily Youth Division Director Michael Sabbag. “The children are so happy when we come, and now we can stay until late in the evening, and even bring the children to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv for group activities. Without the car, these children would be afraid to travel on the highways where their families have already suffered from terrorism, and many would not be able to come and enjoy the friendships they have in OneFamily.”

OneFamily Youth Counselor Mikey Porat thanks our UK supporters for keeping him safe while he travels to be with young terror victims across the country

Youth Division Counselor Mikey Porat told the assembled guests that, “From a personal perspective, this car gives me a tremendous feeling of safety, so that I can come to the families and the children in a calm state and help them as much as possible without having to worry about myself.”

The Levy family of Beit Chagai lost their son in a highway shooting attack in June 2005. On Friday, November 17, the husband and wife were traveling near their home in their car, which is not bulletproof, when they came under a hail of gunfire. One bullet hit the front hood of the car, and another hit the front passenger window near the middle of the car. That bullet passed through the passenger compartment, narrowly missing Mrs. Levy, who was sitting far back in the seat, and hit the dashboard, continuing through it and the bar separating the driver’s side door and the front windshield, before exiting the car behind the driver’s sideview mirror. Miraculously, no one was hurt in the attack.

The Levys’ car was parked next to the bulletproof car being dedicated, as a stark reminder of what OneFamily’s field staff is up against when working with families in such areas.

The generosity of the Woodside Park Synagogue has now helped to ensure the safety of OneFamily employees, and the children we are helping, regardless of where we are.

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