Pre-Passover Orphans Retreat

There is no greater challenge than being orphaned of both parents by a sudden moment of terror. Yet OneFamily’s orphans now have an extended family to call their own.

OneFamily brought together a group of orphans who lost both their parents in terrorist attacks to celebrate the Shabbat before Passover together.

Members of the Kol, Dickstein, Gavish, Horowitz and Imas families, along with their spouses and children, joined together for a weekend of sharing and gaining strength from each other as they approach the holiday of Passover – a holiday filled with a mixture of pain and joy for each of them.

“These are people who, through a look in the eye, strengthen each other,” says Chayuta Winer, the group’s OneFamily coordinator.

“Every year, roughly from Chanuka onwards, we begin to feel uneasy about what we will do for the Seder,” says Ayelet Dickstein, the daughter of Yosef and Chana. “This is very much a family-oriented holiday, and the emotional stress is very hard for us.”

But with the mutual support and encouragement that these orphans get from each other, they have returned home ready to greet the Passover holiday with greater determination and a greater sense of togetherness that they derive from OneFamily.

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