42 Hearts Beating As One

Visitors from OneFamily Canada join together with wounded victims at the Israel Dragon Boat Festival.

It was like 42 hearts beating as one as we paddled to overcome terror together.

28 visitors from OneFamily Canada came together with 14 wounded victims of terror and their spouses to participate in the first ever Israel International Dragon Boat Festival on Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee).

The group filled two boats in the festival which were sponsored by OneFamily Canada. And with the funds raised by the Canadian group, OneFamily invited the 14 wounded couples to a special therapeutic retreat in Tiberias that coincided with the festival.

The entire group spent three days together, drawing strength from one another. The Canadian group left with a sense of deep appreciation and identification with the Israeli couples they met. And the Israeli group felt energized and empowered by the fact that such a large group of people had gone to such tremendous efforts just for them. The joint therapy sessions enabled them to form a close-knit group of friends, and the joint activity and cooperation that was necessary to succeed in the festival helped each one of them change their focus, look straight ahead and find their rhythm – for the festival, and for life.

“Events such as this give us a new way to connect people around the world with our work in Israel,” says Pam Albert, OneFamily Canada’s Director. “Through teamwork and a joint sense of mission, we can move people forward in their lives despite all the hardships.”

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