OneFamily and the Bulgaria terror attack

“The trauma is so much worse than the attack itself, my heart aches … I know that the days, months, and years ahead can be overwhelmingly hard… we are all here for you.” (written by a victim of terror)

A terror attack lasts a moment. Its devastating effects last a lifetime.

OneFamily has already begun to connect and to work with the victims and their families. We are there for them as long as they need us, however they need us, whenever they need us. They are now a part of our Family.

For some of the victims, this is not the first time that they have survived a terror attack. They were already a part of our Family.

In 2002, Gadi Siboni was one of 34 people injured during an attack by the Al-Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade on the Likud party polling station in his home city of Beit She’an, in the Jordan Valley. Six people were killed in that attack.

On Wednesday, he and his wife arrived in Bulgaria for a vacation, and were on the bus that was blown up at Sarafovo International Airport. He broke both legs and suffered shrapnel wounds.

In Wednesday’s Bulgarian attack five Israelis were killed in the attack, and 34 were wounded, numbers eerily similar to the Beit She’an incident, in which six were killed and 34 injured.

Siboni sounded in good spirits.

“Thank God, I’m alive, I’m breathing,” he said.

Siboni said he jumped from the bus, even though he knew he would likely break his legs.

“I had no choice, I would have choked from the smoke, so I jumped,” he said.

Siboni’s wife was also injured in the attack on Wednesday, but she seemed more concerned for her husband.

“Gadi was critically wounded in the huge attack in Beit She’an, and he spent a year in the hospital.

Now he was finally beginning to recover, and he was injured again. This man does not deserve that,” she cried.

She explained that as the bomb detonated “Bodies were flying at me,” she said. “I don’t know how I survived. It was he

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