Visiting the wounded, The RCA joined a OneFamily visit to wounded victims in the South.

OneFamily coordinated a visit for a mission of Rabbis of the RCA during Operation Pillar of Defense to Beersheva in Southern Israel.

During the military operation and ongoing rocket fire, OneFamily caseworkers, staff, therapists, and volunteers visited and called hundreds of victims previously injured and living in the South.

Many victims were experiencing a retrauma – as the air-raid siren was heard repeatedly throughout the South. Victims suffered from anxiety, trouble eating and sleeping, were unable to leave their home to buy milk or bread, and were generally terrified of the incoming rockets.

The Rabbis joined OneFamily to visit recently injured victims in the hospital in Beersheva. They brought messages of support from their communities in America, as well as blessings of well-being. OneFamily presented each victim with initial financial assistance, blankets, and food for their hospital stay.

Our office had met with each victim previous to the mission’s visit and continue to be in touch with the families. There has been an outpour of appreciation by victims and their families for the support from abroad. These meetings with the Rabbis from the RCA truly help the newly injured understand that they are not alone on their journey of rehabilitation.

(From the mother of an injured soldier)

Dear all,

As we grow up, people come into our lives and people leave our lives.

Some people have a lasting effect on our lives whereas others become a fleeting memory.

Your visit, your support, the warmth we felt by all your presence will have an everlasting effect on our lives.

I really don’t know how to begin to thank you all for coming to visit our son, Shimon. We felt such warmth and support from you all, and are truly grateful for your heart warming visit. The support organizations such as yours give us is beyond words.

Shimon is getting stronger from day to day, and we are all beginning to look forward to going home soon. We still have quite a journey head of us, but with strength and belief, will get to the (happy) end.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. You’ve all had an effect on our lives.

I’d really appreciate if you could please forward my email to everyone, in order for me to thank everyone personally.

Kindest regards,

Diana, Shalom, Stav, Shimon and Gabriel Alankri

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