Newtown children receive letter from OneFamily

Children of OneFamily heard about the tragic massacre in Newtown. Together, they chose to write a letter showing their support and solidarity with the families affected.

Dear Parents, Siblings, and Children of Newtown,

We are children victims of terror.

Each one of us lost a father, mother, brother or sister in mass terror attacks in the last decade.

There are thousands of us, in Israel.

Our hearts ache knowing that you are now a part of our club in life.

We know your pain, the anguish you are feeling, and the shock that continues to overwhelm you.

We know what it feels like to start a day normally and to end it in a nightmare.

There is nothing that prepares you for the feeling of your world collapsing.

We know what it feels like to have a gaping hole in our hearts and to have our insides shredded with so much sadness, pain, and anger.

We are so sorry that your world was changed forever. December 14, 2012.

We wish we could turn the clock back and make everything the way it was. But we just can’t.

We sat together, the children of OneFamily, and talked about ways to help you.

Then we realized that we can share with you how we have been able to cope with our experiences.

The secret is The Power of Together.

The only ones who really understand you now, are those who are going through the same pain.

Those who feel the same agony and loss.

SHARE everything you are feeling with those whose hearts are also aching from losing a brother.

Together you can overcome.

That’s the Power of Together.

So, we ask you to do something for yourself.

Seek out those with whom you have this new bond.

You’ll understand each other.

Let yourself be sad, but be sad together.

Let yourself cry, but cry together.

Ask for help when you need it.

We send you hugs and lots of love and strength.

We seem far away, but we’re not.

We’re with you, together.

It is going to be a long and difficult journey.

But with one arm around your friend’s shoulder – you will have the strength to be a kid again.

May you know no more sorrow in this world.


The Children of OneFamily.

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