Iron Dome Appreciation

Thank you to the soldiers of the Iron Dome

They stood staring at the men and women responsible for keeping their homes and communities safe – overwhelmed by the horror that could have been.

The words ‘gratitude’ does not properly express the feelings of appreciation felt by previously injured victims towards the soldiers of the Iron Dome.

Fear and anxiety of repeat attacks is a reoccurring emotion felt by victims of terror. One mother shared her emotional turmoil as air raid sirens rang through the South – she cowered as her mind flashed back to her child getting seriously injured a few years previously. When asked gently, she explained that she would never wish a drop of her personal nightmare on her greatest enemy.

Children and adults from Ashkelon, Ashdod and Sderot – each bereaved or injured through terror activity in the South visited the base to thank the soldiers for their tireless work in minimizing impact of incoming rockets during Operation Pillar of Defense.

They each know personally of the horrific terror and trauma that each rocket not intercepted wreaks on the injured, the bereaved, families and loved ones.

The families prepared a barbecue and an evening of singing with musical accompaniment for 100 soldiers.Inspirational words were delivered by Rabbi Shmuel Moreno, brother of Emanuel Moreno, who was killed on the last day of the second Lebanon War while carrying out a clandestine mission deep inside enemy territory.

The Battalion Commander of the Iron Dome system used the visit to address his soldiers – reminding them of their success during Operation Pillar of Defense, while encouraging them to prepare and strengthen the unit for challenges in the future.

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