Rap Daddy D

David and Sara Nachenberg

This CD, was produced by David Nachenberg in dedication for a refuah shleima for Chana Tova Chaya bat Pesha and in honor of their daughter, Sara, to benefit the children of OneFamily, the youngest and most innocent victims from the war on terror. As Sara’s mother, Chana Nachenberg remains in a vegetative state since the Sbarro Attack, Sara has participated in the Youth Division alongside hundreds of bereaved and injured children – and is involved in support groups, workshops, weekend retreats, the Big Brother and Big Sister Program, and the three annual Youth Division Therapeutic Camps. Proceeds from the CD will be directed to help fund those camps.

A special thank you to,


Emily Hughes and Adam Greenberg

All those who believed in me.

For a refuah shleima for Chana Tova Chaya bat Pesha. For Sara: “Be all you can be.” and “Reach for the stars.”

Lyrics / vocals: David Nachenberg

Vocals: Matti Lang, Emily Hughes, Adam Greenberg

Keyboards / musical arrangements / mixing: Meni Chen


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