Hannuka at OneFamily

Throughout the year we hold events, activities, workshops, retreats, and parties for our families. But during the holidays we organize additional events – the holidays are a time to be with family, and because terror destroyed the normalicy of family, the holidays become that much more difficult.


This year, we held 17 events across the country Hannuka . The events were designed for the wounded , bereaved siblings and parents, orphans, and young adults.


Hannuka parties were held in Kiryat Ata , Beer Sheva, Ashkelon, Haifa, Hadera, Ra’anana, and Jerusalem.


And a two day trip was organized for Young Adults, a special party for widows, a fun day in Tel Aviv for families from the south, a get-together for orphans, a three-day youth camp in Arad for 350 children, an event for bereaved parents in Ra’anana, and fodunt baking workshop in Jerusalem.



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