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April 30, 2013

Evyatar Borovsky z”l, 31, of Yitzhar

Evyatar was stabbed to death in a terror attack at the hitchhiking post at the Tapuah junction in the northern West Bank. He is survived by his wife Tzofia and five children, ages 1 to 7, his parents, Chaya and Baruch, and three siblings. OneFamily staff was present at shiva and at the end of the thirty day mourning period, has continued to visit Tzofia, Chaya, and Baruch. Evyatar’s parents participate in therapeutic workshops in Haifa. Recently, Baruch was hospitalized and OneFamily was with him throughout his hospital stay.

Untitled6September 20, 2013

Sgt. Tomer Hazan z”l, 20, of Bat Yam

Tomer was lured by a Palestinian co-worker to an open area north of the village of Siniria, where he was murdered and his body concealed in a well. He is survived by his parents Aryeh and Sara and three brothers. One of his brothers was in the security team that found his body. OneFamily has been in touch with the family on the phone and with home visits. Tomer’s youngest brother will be joining the Youth Division activities this spring and Sara will be joining a support group for bereaved mothers.

Untitled5September 22, 2013

St.-Sgt. Maj. Gal (Gabriel) Kobi z”l, 20, of Tirat Carmel

Gal was killed when he was shot in the neck at a checkpoint near Hebron’s Cave of Patriarchs. He is survived by his parents Ovad and Smadar, and two younger brothers, ages 13 and 7. The family had celebrated his brother’s bar mitzvah just weeks before Gal was killed. The boys will be taking part in Youth Division activities this spring.

Untitled4October 11, 2013

Retired IDF Colonel Seraya Ofer z”l, 61, of Brosh Habika

Seraya Ofer was beaten to death by men wielding metal bars and axes outside his home in the Brosh Habika vacation village in the northern Jordan Valley. The attack was not immediately classified as an act of terror until his attackers confessed their intentions. He is survived by his wife Monique and three adult children. Monique is in touch with OneFamily on the phone and with home visits.

Untitled3November 13, 2013

Pvt. Eden Atias z”l, 19, of Nazareth Illit

Eden was stabbed to death in a terror attack on a bus at Afula’s central bus station. He is survived by his parents and brothers, Mor, 23, and Evyatar, 16. His parents are divorced and his father is currently in jail, he was allowed to attend his son’s funeral. Mor has intellectual disabilities and is studying graphic design.  Evyatar is in eleventh grade, he will be joining the OneFamily Youth Division this spring.

Untitled2December 15, 2013

Master Sgt Shlomi Cohen z”l, 31, of Afula

Shlomi was killed by a rogue Lebanese soldier in a cross-border shooting. He is survived by his wife, year-old daughter, parents, and sister. OneFamily staff visited the family during the week of shiva and was with them to celebrate Shlomi’s daughter’s first birthday which took place less than a month after Shlomi’s death.

UntitledDecember 24, 2013

Salah Shukri Abu Latyef, 22, of Rahat

Salah Shukri Abu Latyef was shot and killed by sniper fire in a shooting attack near the Israel-Gaza border fence. He is survived by his parents and eleven brothers and sisters. OneFamily staff has visited the family in their village. There is stigma in the Bedouin community with serving in the Israeli Army. While he was just a civilian worker, initial reports were unclear, and the family has been battling community ostracism.

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