Walk to Washington – Bring Back Our Boys

Dear Friends,

G-d willing, this Tuesday July 1st we will be completing our walk that began June 10 in Fort Butner and is concluding 400 km (250 miles) later at the White House in Washington.

It is very important to us to know that you are with us in the final leg of this journey and praying with us for the speedy release of Jonathan ben Malka Gilad Michael ben Bat-Galim Yaakov Naftali ben Rachel Devorah Eyal ben Iris Tshurah From their captivity to the embrace of the waiting arms of their loved ones.

We will be meeting at 9 am EST at the Arlington Cemetery Metro Station (cemetery side of exit) and from there will walk for about an hour the 2.1 miles to the White House.  There we will say the 5 Prakim of T’hillim for day 22 (106-110) and an additional 3 Prakim (20, 107, 146).

As we write this, we pray that the four hostages will by then be safely and soundly returned home – in which case we will also do exactly what is planned in thanksgiving to Hashem for hearing our prayers and releasing our captive brother and sons.

So please join us Tuesday July 1 at 9 am in Washington or if you cannot do that think of us at that time and join us in the T’hillim we will be saying also L’ilui Nishmat our son Daniel Yaakov ben Cheryl and, as the day is Gimmel b’Tamuz, L’ilui Nishmat Menachem Mendel ben Channa, the Lubavicher Rebbe.

Cheryl and David Mandel
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