Images of Victims of Terror from Sderot in Tiberias

Photo journalist, Howie Keenan | OneFamily Intern

Yaakov and his wife were displaced in 2005 from Gaza. Yaakov experiences a couple of traumatic incidents within a span of three months, his car hit a mine and then terrorists shot at him while he was in his car with bullets hitting his head and his shoulder.  He used to be a very successful farmer, but now he does not work anymore. He suffers from PTSD and doesn’t like to leave the house a lot. The rocket fire that has been occurring recently has really shaken him up and he is very glad to be in the North.

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Carmit Edel with her children (3 girls, 1 boy), her husband is currently in the air force, she works in advertising, lives in Sderot. Qassam Rocket landed next to them at a restaurant in Ashkleon 2 years ago, now her daughter lives with post trauma and has developed a rare disease that requires a feeding tube. Carmit is very strong and determined not to let the rockets disturb their daily life, however, it has become really difficult these past weeks with her daughter.



Nagar Family: Michal (center, blue shirt) was injured in a Qassam attack where her friend was fatally injured and died after complications. Their only wish is for the trip to be extended.


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