Mikey Returns From Tzav8


Mikey Porat, OneFamily’s Acupuncturist and former Youth Division Counselor was called up for reserve duty along with 25 members of the OneFamily Staff.

This morning, he walked into the OneFamily Center in Jerusalem, surprising our staff.

He had been allowed to leave for 24-hours to visit his family and to return to OneFamily to work for a few hours with his patients.

He returned with messages of strength from the front lines:

In the media, you read about our injured and about our fallen soldiers. In order to stay strong, we need to understand that our army is working very hard to eradicate terror threats.

There are moments that are tremendously difficult, especially those moments when you hear the news that one of your comrades is injured or has been killed. It is even more difficult for me to hear of soldiers injured because I know how difficult those injuries are.

But this is our job as soldiers! to work hard and to take down the terrorists.

I had a break at home… on the way  to OneFamily. I heard I need to get back…

But I decided it was important to come here because just like soldiers are getting injured… here people are injured too.

Maybe they were injured years ago, but their pain is happening right now. And with acupuncture, I can help people….

We need to remember that we are one family, we are one body… when one of us is hurt, we all need to gather together and help in the way we are able – whether it is fighting, or healing, or visiting, or sending money – everyone can find a way to help.



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