Crisis in Israel: Update, November 12th

Please continue your prayers for Ofir Shmuel ben Nicole. Injured in Operation Protective Edge. He is in critical brain surgery to remove a piece of shrapnel from his brain. He has been in surgery for six hours. *Ofir has moved to Beit Levenstein since this update*

Updated information: Alahim Tajenya’s family. Alahim has 4 sisters and two younger half siblings, he is closest with his younger sister, Havaterm, age 20. His mother died from disease while coming to Israel from Ethiopia. Havaterm finished her national service and is now working in a day care, she was fired from her job for not going to work this week. Their father, works as a cleaner, also lost his job this week. Alahim had skin grafting surgery today on one of his legs, they are unsure whether or not they will be able to save his legs, and he is still suffering from tremendous blood loss he experienced. His injures are very serious and he needs your prayers.

Yishaya ben Rivka: Yishaya is 29 years old, father of three children, lives in Bat Ayin, his wife is Dina.
Yishaya saw the car drive into the bus stop.
Thinking it was an accident, he pulled over, got out of his car.

The terrorist was stabbing Dahlia.
Yishaya started approaching, shooting.
His gun jammed.
He ran back to his car and closed his door.

He turned his head.
And there was a man sitting next to him. *HE DID NOT REALIZE IT WAS THE TERRORIST*
The terrorist started stabbing him in his side under his arm.
They started fighting, struggling…

The terrorist took a break, and went back to stab Dahlia.
The terrorist then attacked a 54 year old man, slashing his jaw.
Realizing he couldn’t get anywhere with him….
The terrorist returned to Yishaya.

Shaya’s sister-in-law was driving by.
Saw the scene.
She raced to the guards of the yishuv.

The terrorist and Yishaya were struggling.
They couldn’t tell who was who.
They were both covered in blood.
Yishaya said, “I am the Jew, he is the terrorist” and passed out.

He was listed as lightly injured.
After 24 hours, he started bleeding internally.
They discovered an internal injury that they thought had been insignificant.

Yishaya had surgery today.
And is now in the ICU.

Mindee spoke with his wife, Dina at length.

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