Ben Buchnik injured five years ago gets married

Ben Buchnik seriously injured during Operation Cast Lead five years ago was married this week. Merav Uziel, OneFamily’s head of the Young Adults Division explains his remarkable story



I am on my way to Ashkelon. Ben Buchnik is getting married. I find myself pulling over several times on the road because of the tears which did not allow me to see the way. Tears of excitement, an amazing feeling, of a miracle.

At the Chupa, I stood ringside in order not to miss anything. At the end of the ceremony I go to hug Katie, Ben’s mother. It is a hug that lasted a long time – as we both cried thinking the same thing.My first meeting with Ben.

I was in the reserves, serving as a medical officer during the last day of Operation Cast Lead in January 2009. I had  received a report on a man who was wounded in his head, and the whole war room was working to save him.  Our helicopter landed and rescued Ben and a week later I went to the hospital to pay a visit to him.

At the entrance of intensive care unit I introduce myself to Ben’s family members. Kathy stood up to hug me, a hug which lasted a long time and we both begin to cry.

בן בוחניק
Merav and Ben

Ever since that day when I was there, I remember when he woke up, every word he was able to say, when he began to re-read –  every bit of progress.  I’m excited. I really feel part of the family.

Today, we have the same hug only this time the crying is different. There are tears of joy, thanking God that we won!

The feeling of a miracle….. and I can’t help myself but think back to this time only six years years ago.


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