Help us give 600 families food for Pesach

food vouchersOneFamily has an ambitious—but necessary—goal this Pesach: to enable each victim of terror to afford a Seder. We will provide those in financial distress with vouchers to use at their local supermarkets, for groceries, oil, food, matzoh, and wine. Your gift of$36, $72, or $125 will help provide some freedom for families – even if only for one night.

There are over 1,500 families being supported by One Family in Israel. They all have very different needs and yet are all part of our family.
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It will help those victims of terror, including those families who lost, or are are caring for loved ones, after Operation Protective Edge. Please help people including those fought for Israel’s freedom please give their families respite – if only for Seder night.

Shachar Taasa died in Operation Protective Edge
shacharShachar was a 20 year old in the Israeli army during Operation Protective Edge. On 20th July, in the early days of the Operation, he was killed with his colleagues as their people-carrier was blown up. For his mother, Heidi, The tragic loss of her son has caused her to give up her job, sending the family into financial difficulty. OneFamily is supporting the Taasa family as they come to terms with their loss. Not only through counseling and retreats for his bothers, but also through practical financial assistance.

Ohad Ben Ishai requiring 24-hour care

ohad Ohad, 20, woke up from a coma on 25 November but faces a long battle ahead. Ohad was hit by a bullet, and treated in Seroka. His entire left side of the brain has been damaged, controlling language, speaking and processing. His mother, Erica a teacher of Hebrew literature has been forced to stop working, and her other children are also seeing their needs suffer as the emotional and financial impact of their tragedy take its toll. The family also desperately needs funds to make their apartment accessible for his long-term care.

Last Pesach we distributed vouchers to 295 families. This year, we are determined to present vouchers to more than 600 families, valued at $125.00 per voucher.

Our goal is to let no family and their children be deprived—even if only for a few days—of a sweet and joyous Passover.

Please do not delay. The sooner you send your gift, the better we can plan to help as many terror victims as possible, and continue OneFamily’s work of healing in time for Pesach.

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