Radio host Dr. Joy Browne meets Israeli victims of terror


Acclaimed syndicated radio host and clinical psychologist Dr. Joy Browne – named by Talkers Magazine as one of the “25 greatest radio talk show hosts of all time” – met with victims of terrorism at the Jerusalem headquarters of the OneFamily organization on her first visit to Israel this week.

During the emotionally charged encounter, which was hosted by OneFamily CEO Chantal Belzberg, Browne met with former residents of the US, Canada, and the UK who were physically and emotionally scarred in terrorist attacks across Israel during the past few years.

“I am delighted and honored to be here,” Browne said. “After experiencing the aftermath of 9/11, we all share a common echo and I am impressed with the resilience of the people here who have worked or who are working to transcend fear and are getting on with their lives.”

The popular radio personality also interviewed victims (which included former Canadian Cheryl Mandel, Kay Wilson and Steve Bloomberg who made aliya from the UK, and Rebecca Fuhrman, who emigrated from the US) as well as the organization’s various psychologists and therapists for a future segment on her popular program.

Browne’s trip to Israel was sponsored by the Office of the Prime Minister and America’s Voices in Israel.

OneFamily is the largest outreach organization of its kind in Israel that rehabilitates, reintegrates, and rebuilds the lives of the thousands of victims of terrorist attacks.

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