‘Bloody Monday’ Attacks Strike Israel

A new wave of violence perpetrated by Palestinian terrorists is being directed at innocent Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers alike across Judea, Samaria and metro Jerusalem. On Monday morning, June 29, a 25 year old female IDF guard on patrol at the Rachel’s Tomb complex in Bethlehem  (Judea),was seriously wounded by a female terrorist who attacked her with a knife. The terrorist, who was apprehended by security forces, was found to have been carrying two other knives in her bag. While physicians at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital expect the soldier to make a full recovery, she suffered significant wounds to her neck and was listed in serious condition.

The IDF has told the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee that Palestinian terrorists have attacked the Rachel’s Tomb complex close to 300 times during the past few years using a variety of devices, from firebombs to sniper rifle attacks etc.

On Monday evening, four young adults who were on their way back home after from playing basketball with friends in the settlement of Eli (in the Binyamin region just north of Jerusalem), were attacked by one or more gunmen who ambushed and raked their car with gunfire.

Photo Courtesy-United Hatzalah

While the terrorists slipped away under the cover of darkness, several of the young men were seriously injured. One of the wounded, Malachi Rosenfeld is fighting for his life at Shaarei Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem. The others are being treated at Hadassah Hospital.

Since the start of the Ramadan holiday, Palestinian terror groups have increased their operations against Israeli civilians and soldiers alike. Yair Hoffer, a married father of two children who was one of those injured in the car attack told the NRG news site, “These people (terrorists) purposely seek us out just because we are Jews. If G-d forbid I was with my two little children (ages 3 and less than a year old) in the car, they would have absorbed the bullets and been killed.”

According to informed sources, two other terror incidents occurred in and around Jerusalem at different times on Monday. A 15 year old terrorist attempted to enter midtown Jerusalem, armed with an improvised Carl Gustav machine gun but was apprehended by security forces at a nearby checkpoint in East Jerusalem. A school bus carrying small children from Ma’aleh Hazeitim was attacked by a barrage of stones hurled by teenage terrorists who live in East Jerusalem.


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