Terror Wave Strikes Israel

No, it’s not missiles fired from Gaza falling on civilian population centers this summer. This time, Arab terrorists have resumed their heinous 24/7 ground operations against innocent civilians and IDF soldiers on patrol across all of Israel. To understand the breadth and scope of what is taking place on a grand scale, Israel’s renowned Shin Bet security service revealed that the number of terrorist attacks perpetrated against Israel spiked by 50% between 2012 and 2014 from 683 to 1,834!!! The figures include stoning’s, stabbings, shootings and firebombs. The statistics would be even higher in 2015 if not for the fact that the Shin Bet had thwarted at least 60 terrorist cells from executing their plans.

In order to get a perspective of what has transpired just during the past two weeks alone:

  • *June 19Danny Gonen, Z’L, 25, a resident of Lod was shot dead in a drive-by shooting near Dolev. His friend, Netanel Hadad who was with him at the time is still recuperating from his wounds.
  • *June 24David Bar Kapara, Z’L, 70, a farmer who lived in Rehovot, was murdered by terrorists as he tended to his fruits and vegetables in a field outside the city.
  • *June 26-Shooting incident on an IDF checkpoint at Bekaot.
  • *June 28-Stabbing of a Border Policeman at Nablus Gate (Old City) in Jerusalem.
  • *June 29-A female terrorist whips out a knife and attacks Border Policewoman Liron Yisraeli, 20, outside Rachel’s Tomb. Liron, who was seriously wounded in her neck and back is recovering in the hospital.
  • *June 29-Terrorists ambush a car carrying four people returning to their home in Kochav Hashachar, after playing basketball in Eli (north of Jerusalem), killing 27 year-old Malachi Rosenfeld, Z’L. The other three victims are recuperating from their various wounds.
  • *June 29-Terrorists fire upon children playing basketball in Beit El. Miraculously, no one was injured.
  • *June 29-Terrorists hurl stones at a city bus carrying children in East Jerusalem. Though no one was injured, the children were frightened by the violent attack.
  • *June 30-Two different city buses are ambushed by terrorists tossing stones at the Zarzir Junction and Dotan.
  • *June 30-Terrorists toss firebombs at homes owned by Jewish families living in Ma’alei Zeitim (East Jerusalem). This has become an almost daily occurrence.
  • *June 30-Incendiary devices are fired by terrorists at the homes of Jewish families living in Ir David (East Jerusalem).
  • *July 2-Iron Dome battery in Eilat goes on high alert as ISIS Sinai terrorists threaten to fire missiles at the bustling vacation resort.
  • *July 3 & 4-ISIS terrorists in Sinai fire missiles at Israeli communities in the Negev and Eshcol regions. No reports of injuries or significant damage.
  • *July 5-Yet another attempted drive-by shooting at an Israeli civilian vehicle by terrorists operating near Nablus (Shechem) in Samaria.

As the list of victims of wanton terrorism continues to grow on a daily basis, UN Secretary General, Ban-Ki Moon refuses to condemn the recent wave of attacks. In the case of Malachi Rosenfeld, the story is particularly tragic, as he assumed the mantle of the “responsible sibling” in the family, after his brother, Yitzchak, Z’L, a former Israel Air Force pilot, died 13 years ago, after his jeep was swept away by floods in the desert. Malachi’s parents and siblings, who are respected members of their community are devastated.


David Bar Kapara (Courtesy: Family Photo)
David Bar Kapara (Courtesy: Family Photo)

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