An emotional tribute from Ayala Fraenkel to Naftali Z”L

Today, is the 20th of Tammuz.
It is my older brother Naftali’s birthday.
A birthday is a day when one celebrates that another year has gone by, a year of happiness, satisfaction, achievement, success.
Another year of life.
A day when we look forward and pray for many more good and happy years filled with health and success.
It is a bit strange to celebrate this type of day for someone who is no longer with us,
One who is no longer here to hope and plan exciting things.
But specifically today, I find it to be the right thing to look back and be thankful for the years when he was with us.
For his knowledge, laughter, and wit.
For the honor of living with him exactly how he was.
Today, is also a opportunity to continue his vitality.
With goodness, enjoyment and smiles.
To take upon ourselves something small and positive to do in his honor.
Smile / compliment / encourage…
Not such a difficult task, just to brighten someone’s day and to make them happy.
It is the little things, which make the world a better place.
And by doing so, you will be here celebrating with us. Fabulous birthday gift, right?

Naftali, Z'L
Naftali, Z’L


  1. Marissa Halbrecht


    July 9, 2015 Reply
  2. Suri

    What a beautiful tribute from a sister to a brother . At a time when one can be consumed with self fried she unselfishly reminds us to stop & make time to make the world a better place . Replace the hate the daily apathy with a smile a compliment & encouraging others you have a great chazakas and have honored your brother with the most beautiful treasured gift !!!!
    “Let the butterflies be free “

    July 9, 2015 Reply

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