JWRP Women Partake in an Emotional Culinary Encounter

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house after dozens of women from across North America, many of whom who had never been to Israel nor come face-to-face with a bereaved mother, visited the OneFamily Jerusalem Center as an integral part of their JWRP (Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project) summer mission to Israel. In order to provide a unique perspective on how victims of terror use various therapeutic methods to deal with their emotional pain, three bereaved OneFamily mothers- Dina Kit, Tzipora Har Melech and Tali Ben Yishai- who lost sons, daughters, grandchildren etc. in various terror attacks, invited the JWRP group to listen to their heart-breaking individual stories and then had them partake in a hands-on, lip-smacking cooking class. After wiping away the tears and sampling the culinary delights, a number of the participants exchanged phone numbers and emails with the bereaved mothers in order to maintain on-going contact.JWRPCookingA

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