A letter from a bereaved mother

Ginette Thaler’s daughter, Rachel, (16) of Ginot Shomron, was killed when a suicide bomber blew himself up at a pizzeria in the shopping mall in Karnei Shomron on February 16, 2002.
“A world is going crazy right now. I’m reading everyone’s comments about Paris, about France. As a mother of two children who were blown up by a suicide bomber (one survived, one didn’t) and on the night that that happened, I did not know if they were dead or alive. I went through hours of agony until I found out what had happened. So right now I am praying and standing for those families in Paris right now who do not know what happened to their children, and when they do find out, whether they are dead or alive, if they are injured, or whatever condition they are in, I know what they are going through. And it is not something that anyone wants to know. So it’s not a question of the country or the city. It’s just that Paris and France is where they happen to be. But look at them as people whose children are out there somewhere, dead or alive, in pain, and suffering. Those families are hurting, are torn apart. Their lives will never be the same again. They are victims of the most horrible crime that they will never, ever forget. -Ginette” #WeAreOneFamily
Ginette Thaler OF


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