Aviel Moyal Thanks OneFamily

Aviel Moyal, 26 years old, wounded on his head from a rock throwing on Rosh Hashana when he was on his way to the Shiluach to say Tashlich.

“I did not know who to turn to or what to do after I was injured and bled from my head as result of rocks being thrown at me but then OneFamily reached out and really helped me out. Without Pini’s assistance I would not have known what to do. I find it amazing that everything happened so fast from the moment I turned to the organization for help. Pini guided me and told me who to speak to at the Social Security offices and other governmental offices and without him I would not have been able to deal with all the bureaucracy. Pini’s help opened doors for me, I am very thankful that such an organization exists, one that has no interest and that would do everything and anything in order to help victims of terror and those who are in need.
Many thanks for the all assistance besides of the financial support and endless support I received.”
Aviel Moyal

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