OneFamily mourns with the people of Israel

OneFamily mourns with the people of Israel, two special souls; father and son , Rabbi Ya’akov Litman (40) and Netanel Litman (18). 

An hour before Shabbat, the Litman family was on their way to the Shabbat Chattan of their eldest daughter (Sarah), set to be married Tuesday this week. As Netanel slowed down on a curve on Route 60 a Palestinian terrorist opened fire, killing Netanel and his father. Noa and three daughters were wounded, and Dvir (16) was shot in the leg. Dvir reported that a Red Crescent ambulance passed by but failed to help the hurting family. The attack leaves behind widow Noa, and 5 orphans. 

We stand by the Litman family, for all the support they need – 

Sarah Techiya’s wedding will not be taking place as planned -her father Rav Yaakov Litman and brother Netanel Chai were murdered this past Friday.

Tomorrow, at the place where the wedding was due to be, an uplifting evening for women.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 5th of Kisslev -November 17th at the wedding hall – in the International Convention Center, Binyanei Ha;uma in Jerusalem.

Doors will open at 18:15

Participating – public personalities, Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi, Rav Bigel – father of the groom, Rav Wise – Rosh Yeshiva for the Youth, artists and manymore.

Let us lift our nations spirits together in unity!

Entrance fee of 10 NIS to cover expenses. 

For further information for groups – 050-948-8476

The event is in association with Tzvia Girls School in Kochav Yaakov. 

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