Ziv Mizrahi HY”D

In September of 2003, Ziv’s grandparents Shoshana & Menashe lost their son, Alon Mizrahi Z”L, at the young age of 22 in a terror attack. Alon Mizrahi HY”D was working as a security guard at the Cafe Hilel coffee shop. Alon tried to stop the suicide bomber from entering the coffee shop by tackling him and diverting him as the terrorist detonated an explosive device. Alon was killed leaving behind his parents and 6 siblings, Doron, Sigalit, Erez, Iris, Shlomit and Roee.

OneFamily has supported the Mizrahi family for the last 12 years in every possible way. Shoshana and Menashe have taken part in many of the OneFamily therapeutic activities, retreats.

Unfortunately, leaving the Mizrahi family once more tragically affected by terrorism; on Monday November 23rd, 2015, Ziv Mizrahi HY”D, (18) was murdered by a 16 year old terrorist in a tragic stabbing attack at a gas station on route 443. Ziv HY”D served as a driver in the IDF. Ziv’s mother arrived at the gas station where the attack took place and screamed out in despair: “They’ve taken Ziv from me!” Ziv was the youngest of three children. Ziv HY”D will always have a warm place in the hearts of his family and friends and fellow IDF soldiers.

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