Young Terror Victims Light Chanukah Candles in Knesset

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(Naor Shalev Ben Ezra (pictured on the right) and Tzvia Lavie’s (pictured on the left),  lit Chanukah candles at the Knesset in a ceremony presided over by Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein and attended by many Members of the Knesset and dignitaries)

Thirteen year-old Naor Shalev Ben Ezra was stabbed by a Palestinian terrorist while riding his bicycle in October. Twelve year-old Tzvia Lavie’s father, Nehemiah, was killed when Nehemiah tried to save another stabbing victim during an attack in Jerusalem’s Old City.   With financial help from OneFamily, Tzvia celebrated her Bat Mitzvah on Chanukah and Naor Shalev celebrated his Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall last week.

Also in attendance at the candle lighting were;  13 year-old Liam, who was wounded in a stabbing attack three weeks earlier in Kiryat Gat, Risa, whose husband was killed in the attack on the synagogue in Har Nof last year, attended with some of her children and Doron, who lost his son to terror two weeks earlier, also participated. Doron’s brother was also killed by a terrorist 13 years ago.

“The children here with us today, who are recovering from their wounds, show us more than anyone else how we cling to life and our routine, despite the difficulties and the pain,” said Knesset Speaker Edelstein. “These are days in which we must, more than ever, look for light and raise it.”


“These children have experienced the worst,” said OneFamily Director Chantal Belzberg. “The trauma stays with them their whole lives. It is important that we all brighten their holidays and help them throughout their lives. I thank the Knesset speaker for inviting the children of the organization to bring light to the nation of Israel.”

While the public moves on after an attack, the lives of the victims are changed forever.


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