A thank you to OneFamily

Dearest Chantal,

It has been 4 days since we returned home from the retreat in Romania and my heart is still racing.

The experience was extremely emotional, powerful, and well organized.

I was able to reach emotional goals which I had not been able to achieve in a very long time, along with a high level of concentration. It also shook up my inner-self.

I went on this trip overseas with many fears. For one, I had never left the country, even though I had been offered a trip in the past. I always felt as if that this was not right for me.

Making the decision to join the group for the vacation in Romania, was mainly to strengthen my ties with the group itself, which is something extremely important to me.

During the course of the trip overseas, I rediscovered myself. The astonishing nature and the intensity of the endless care that you and the staff displayed, provided me with the mental space I had not experienced for many years- to look deep within myself and rejuvenate
On this trip we also bonded closely with our children. We had never spent a full vacation week with them since they were born. In addition, we were able to bond and reconnect with our siblings during this trip.
One of the transparent after-effects of losing a parent is a lack of feeling togetherness within the family unit. We never had a real opportunity to come together. We didn’t have a place where one could host. Each gathering required logistical planning, as well as immense emotional and technical evaluations.
Here in Romania, the feeling was just like being invited into “mom and dad’s home”… Why don’t you come in, pamper yourselves, enjoy and just leave all your worries aside.

Chantal – I never could have dreamt that this vacation would be able touch me internally the way it did. We had been on trips with the group in the past, but nothing added up to this experience. I would like to specifically point out that within the context of going through the various extreme experiences, where we dealt with fears, peace and quiet, various efforts and challenges – this was something unusually powerful.

Pumping life back into the group provided us with hope for strengthening the close bonds between us strengthened us. The vacation also heightened our ability to deal with things together. The impact from the different experiences allowed us to relieve tension and the anxiety within us. This provided us with a natural ability to start a group conversation.
Thank you for all that you have done for us. You are amazing.
To sum it all up… An amazing person is measured by his/her abilities to receive from others and to not believe that the truth only lies within their own being. Throughout the preparations for the retreat and during the trip itself, I noticed how much you listened and wanted to hear from us, which is the best way to move forward. This makes you even more special.

Thank you so much,
Tzvi Yehuda Dickstein

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