Emergency campaign for the family of Ayman Shaaban

Emergency campaign for 

the family of Ayman Shaaban.


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OneFamily, the family of Israel’s victims of terror attacks, has opened an emergency fundraising campaign for the family of Ayman Shaaban, who was killed last Friday afternoon, January 1, in Tel Aviv by the same terrorist who killed Alon Bakal and Shimon Ruimi on Dizengoff St.

Shaaban, 42, an Israeli Bedouin, leaves behind three wives and 11 children. He was a resident of Lod and worked as a taxi driver.

Yes I want to helpHe was killed an hour after the Dizengoff attack. The terrorist, attempting to flee the scene, leaped into Shaaban’s taxi. But when Shaaban refused to cooperate, the terrorist killed him and dumped the body in the street, where it was found.

Shaaban’s wife Sadia told journalists she was distressed about the fate of the children without him. “Now who will take care of the family?” she asked. “The children have been left without a father.”

“We hope people open their hearts to the 11 orphans created by terror,” said OneFamily Chairman Marc Belzberg. ”OneFamily has reached out to the family to ensure they know they will not have to face the future on their own.”

Money raised in the campaign will go towards the family’s expenses, having lost its primary provider as the heart of winter approaches.

OneFamily provides financial assistance, therapeutic programs, legal assistance and a steady stream of personal encouragement for each victim and their family.

The organization’s presence and resources ensure that victims and their families never need to feel alone.


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