OneFamily Mourns the death of Shlomit Krigman

Shlomit Krigman ZL Jan 25 2016

OneFamily is deeply saddened by the murder of Shlomit Krigman, who was fatally injured in a stabbing attack outside a store in Beit Horon on Monday, January 25, and succumbed to her wounds the next morning. She was 23 years old and would have celebrated her 24th birthday the following week.

She had gone to the store to purchase a warm coat to prepare for a storm. Two terrorists had infiltrated the settlement and stabbed Shlomit and Adina Cohen, 58, outside the store. They then tried to go inside but the store owner blocked their way with a shopping cart. Adina Cohen sustained moderate wounds.

Shlomit leaves behind her parents, Yitzhak and Naama, and six younger siblings.

She was spending time with her grandparents in Beit Horon at the time of the attack. She grew up in the town of Shadmot Mehola in the Jordan Valley and completed her bachelor’s degree in industrial design at the University of Ariel. She returned to Beit Horon, where she did national service at the local branch of Bnei Akiva while she decided on how to pursue her career.

The terrorists, 22 and 17 years old, also planned to detonate pipe bombs they brought with them, but they were killed by security forces before any of the explosives were set off.

At her funeral, her mother bid her a tearful farewell. “You entered the world on a snowy day and you left this world because you feared the oncoming storm. But the snow, as if it was shying away from us, never arrived,” said Na’ama.

“We are burying you in Jerusalem, as you requested, in one of our conversations about the situation. Your smile, your soul, your zest for life, will stay with us always. Rest in peace.”

Her grandmother Ilana noted that she spent a normal morning with her grandmother before Shlomit left for the store. “I waited for you to return to a hot bowl of soup that you so loved,” Ilana said.

Shlomit’s cousin Danny Hirschberg said the family had hoped doctors would be able to save her in the 12 hours they treated her wounds. “We had a hard night of turmoil and hopes that ended with a great sadness,” he said. “Shlomit was a beloved, sweet girl, always smiling, energetic and full of light. We are in great pain. Let us hope for better days.”


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