OneFamily Soccer Team Challenges Jerusalem Yeshivot

The first OneFamily vs. Yeshivot Soccer Tournament took place on January 16, pitting teams from local yeshivot against the OneFamily Soccer Team composed of victims of terror.

The evening raised awareness about OneFamily’s activities and gave yeshiva students a chance to show their support for victims of terror. Yeshivat Reishit took home the first place trophy, beating Netiv Aryeh in the final game.

The OneFamily Soccer Team serves as a powerful therapeutic support group for victims of terror and bereaved sons and brothers. The players work together as a team on and off the field, forming bonds of friendship and support. It is based on the OneFamily model of developing a nuclear family of victim-to-victim support.

OneFamily is grateful to all of the players from Yeshivot Netiv Aryeh, Reishit, Asherienu, Lev HaTorah, Ohr Sameach, Aish HaTorah, and HaKotel, and a team of olim from Katamon for the fun and inspirational evening.

Mika from Netiv Aryeh said he was impressed with OneFamily’s approach to treating victims of terror. “I believe in OneFamily because I believe all Israel is one and we need to support our brothers,” he said.

Josh, a madrich from Ashreinu, spoke about the need to come together in the face of the unrelenting wave of terror in Israel. “It’s amazing how united we can be, in whatever circumstances,” he said.

Soccer Game Jan 16 2016 (111)

Join OneFamily for a charity basketball game scheduled for February 27. Details to be announced soon.

OneFamily sponsored the first Team OneFamily vs. Yeshivot Soccer Tournament in January, bringing five

In a hard-fought tournament.




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