Distributing Mishloach Manot

Mishloach Manot Delivery at the Gelmans 2016

OneFamily is distributing more than 2,800 mishloach manot to victims of terror across the country. By sending the packages, we tell families that OneFamily is thinking about them, and that they are not alone.

On the day of Purim itself, OneFamily is giving out hundreds of Matanot Laevyonim to needy victims of terror across Israel.

To pack the huge number of mishloach manot, OneFamily invited groups from local yeshivas and seminaries. Some 20 groups of volunteers came to the OneFamily office over the course of the week to help pack, wrap, and store thousands of packages to ensure they were ready for delivery.

Yamit was thrilled to receive a mishloach manot at her home. “Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful mishloach manot. You really made me happy. Like always, the attention and all that you do was done with endless love and made me feel like we are never forgotten.”

Bruria said she gained strength from the gesture. “Dearest OneFamily, thank you so much for the mishloach manot. I got really excited and emotional. Knowing that you are always thinking of me gave me strength to go on.

Adele thanked OneFamily for its crucial role in her recovery. “I don’t even know where to begin to thank you for the mishloach manot and everything beyond. I don’t think I would be able to get through this trying time if it wasn’t for the assistance of OneFamily.”

Sima expressed thanks for the deep and meaningful support she and her children have received for so long. “We met due to something very upsetting but your endless hug and all the help that you provide us with is heartwarming. I must show my gratitude for the beautiful mishloach manot that we received from you.”

Bat Sheva said the package brought real joy to her life. “Thank you for the oh so wonderful mishloach manot. It is touching and we get emotional knowing that it was given by OneFamily. You really brought joy to us in these triumphant times and we would like to wish you a happy Purim with love and thanks for everything.”








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