Profile of Terror Victim: Mendi Rivkin

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Mendi Rivkin in clown wig at the OneFamily Purim Party with Chantal Belzberg, Mindee Levinger and Meir Pavlosky (on the left) who was severely injured a few months ago.

With nearly daily news reports of new stabbings, car rammings, and shootings, it’s easy to overlook the stories of the individuals whose lives have been shattered by terror and now face a long and difficult road to recovery.

For Menachem (Mendi) Rivkin, the nightmare began on January 28, when he was severely wounded in a stabbing attack not far from his home in Givat Ze’ev. He had been walking with his wife, Brachi, when the terrorist sprung out of the darkness and stabbed him several times in his upper body, piercing a lunch.

He was rushed, unconscious, to Shaarey Tzedek Hospital and woke up two days later in the intensive care unit. Mendi called it a miracle that he survived at all.

“It is hard for me to talk about the miracle that the medical staff performed for me,” he said when he was released from the hospital. “I am very excited because my children and my wife received their father back.”

Six weeks later, however, Mendi continues to fight the effects of the attack. The damage to his lungs continues to make it difficult for him to breath. He has trouble sleeping, waking up often, gasping for breath.

In addition, the post-traumatic stress from the attack makes life extremely difficult for him. He is unable to be alone for extended periods of time, and grows anxious when he is around many people and loud noises.

His rehabilitation is taxing and disruptive. He travels to Shaarey Tzedek four times a week for physical therapy, breathing therapy, and psychological counseling. This schedule has made it impossible for him to return to work, placing a greater burden on Brachi, who is busy with the couple’s four children, ages 4-11.

Besides the day-to-day difficulties, the family also has to face the prospect of Purim and Passover while Mendi continues to suffer the devastating effects of his attack.

The family, however, is not alone. OneFamily has been with Mendi and Brachi from the beginning, providing relief every step of the way. OneFamily can’t speed up Mendi’s rehabilitation, but it can make the difficult process easier to bear.

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