“You Have Created Islands of Peace” – In Gratitude to OneFamily

Dear Marc and Chantal (if I may),

We recently joined your family, like all the others, bal korchenu.  Comfort for the loss of Tuvya Yanai seems very, very far on the horizon.

There have been some warm hugs on this new, unexpected, unwanted journey.  Yours has been one of the warmest, and from people and friends – “family” – that don’t even know us.

First there were phone calls inviting us join in various activities.

Next was the trip to Greece which our son Yaari joined, and which was a very good experience for him.

Then we were invited to join in a Shabbat nofesh at Almog with a group that we don’t belong to, but we were “welcomed” with open arms and hearts.

This week we received a gift, totally unexpected and unnecessary.

And this coming Shabbat we will be joining One Family for a shabbaton in Tel Aviv.

I certainly don’t know the right words to express our thanks.  You and your organization have reached out to us, to save us from drowning in this sea of sorrow.  The sadness does not go away, but you have created islands of some peace.

בציפייה לגאולה שלימה

and with deep respect gratitude,

Avraham and Orly Weisman

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