13-Year-Old Hallel Yaffe Ariel Stabbed in Her Room as She Slept

Hallel Yaffe Ariel

Some acts of terror simply defy understanding. What words capture the brutality of terrorist breaking into the home of a teenage girl and stabbing her again and again as she slept in her own bed?

OneFamily is devastated to share with our friends and supporters that 13-year-old Hallel Yaffe Ariel, from Kiryat Arba was murdered this morning, stabbed repeatedly in her upper body by a terrorist in her own home. The terrorist infiltrated the town in order to kill anyone he could find.

Hallel was alone in her home because of the start of summer vacation for Israeli middle school children. She took advantage of the opportunity to sleep in on the first day of her vacation. The picture below demonstrates the devastating scene of the attack, an image that must be shared so that people understand the brutality of terrorists against innocent Israeli children.

bloody bedroom

Hallel leaves behind her parents, Amichai and Rena, and four siblings, 27, 25, 8 and 5. Amichai runs a well-known winery and works as a teacher. Rena is a social worker in the Jerusalem municipality.

The terrorist also stabbed a member of the civilian security team that arrived at the scene of the attack. Please pray for the recovery of Yehoshua Chai ben Esther, who remains in serious but stable condition. Yehoshua’s sister also lost her husband to terror in 2010 and OneFamily has been there with the family for many years. Yehoshua is 31 and has four children.

Details of the attack are still emerging but as in previous terrorist attacks, OneFamily is always at the side of each and every victim and their families to help support them with financial, emotional, medical and legal assistance, at every step of their painful and difficult journeys.

We wish a speedy recovery for the injured and may the memory of Hallel Yaffe Ariel always be eternally blessed.

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