OneFamily Honored at Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference for ‘Exceptional Work’ For Victims of Terror


Over the past 15 years, OneFamily has helped more 10,000 victims of terror on their road to recovery.  Today, the Jerusalem Post honored OneFamily founders Marc, Chantal, and Michal Belzberg in a special ceremony at its prestigious Diplomatic Conference.

The conference, held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Jerusalem to 400 diplomats and delegates, featured speeches by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, Education Minister Naftali Bennett, and leading Christian Zionist Dr. Mike Evans, among many other dignitaries.

Following an address by US Ambassador Dan Shapiro, the Jerusalem Post’s Editor-in-Chief Yaakov Katz and Steve Linde called Marc, Chantal, and Michal to the stage, joined by terror victims Nitza Goldman, who was injured and whose husband Avi was killed in a bombing in Istambul several months ago, and Renana Meir, whose mother Dafna was murdered in her home in Otniel this year.

Linde and Katz then presented the group with a beautiful plaque “In recognition for their exceptional work for the past 15 years for victims of terror and their families.”

In her acceptance speech, Chantal thanked the Jerusalem Post for the honor, along with all of OneFamily’s donors, volunteers, and dedicated staff. “As the founders of OneFamily, we are proud to have an impact on the resilience of the people of Israel, and we look forward to being a light onto the nations of the world.”


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Chantal also noted that necessity has pushed the Jewish people to innovate in areas vital for their survival in Israel, becoming world leaders in the areas of agriculture, water-treatment, and food production.

“The sad news is that Israel is also the world leader in the sheer number of terror attacks, and it has suffered in the existential wars of survival it has fought since its founding,” she said.


“Terror forces people to face unnatural circumstances, physical disfiguration to cope with, children to raise without parents, parents left without children, babies born without fathers, spouses without their other half, and children who bury their brothers and sisters, and a limitless number of other debilitating personal consequences to live with.

“The OneFamily Foundation, with its centers across the country, is the only organization in the world that has developed a complex ecosystem for the very personalized care of victims of terror and war for each different consequence of terror, provided to every person in Israel, of every faith and color, indiscriminately.

“The Prime Minister spoke about Israeli innovation in the world of technology. OneFamily has developed innovation in the field of psychological, emotional, emotional, and social recovery from shock, death and mourning, incapacitating injuries, loneliness, and despair. This comprehensive solution, combining many fields of expertise, has been developed over 15 years of tortuous experience aiding over 10,000 individual victims of terror.

“OneFamily has developed a proven technique to share with the world, to make the world a better place” she added. “We will overcome terror together.”




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