OneFamily Hosts Orphans in New York City

Watch:  Members of OneFamily’s Orphans Division talk about what it means to lose both parents in a terrorist attack and how they carry on with their lives.

OneFamily Orphan’s Division from OneFamily on Vimeo.

Watch: Senator Lindsey Graham invited OneFamily to help announce the Taylor Force Act, legislation to stop US funding to Palestinians for stipends to terrorists. Orphans Yeshurun Gavish  and Shirel Dickstein spoke out in support of the act. Their statements begin at 8:15 on the video.

OneFamily USA brought 17 orphans of both parents in New York and Washington for a weeklong healing visit and looked after them throughout the trip. Leaving their daily routines allows the orphans to focus on their inner lives, and spending time with others who understand their challenges lets them open up and process the pain they are feeling.

Tzvi Yehuda Dickstein wrote to us after the trip:

“I came back with new strength and a deep desire to complete tasks I started before the trip. It opened me to new places inside myself.

“When I come to OneFamily, I can relax from my responsibilities. I have no other place where I can count on people to think of my best interests. You care about us and always stand by us. There are no words to thank you enough.”

Click here to download article from the Jewish Press about OneFamily’s visit of strength and resilience.

Click here to read coverage in the Jewish Week. Cover photo of orphans with Brad Schwartz, OneFamily Board Member.

Click here to see pictures of the visit.

OneFamily would like to thank the following incredible individuals for making the trip so successful, each in their own way:

Manny Azenberg, Tamar and Tzvi Bar-David, Sarah and Robert Barris, Rabbi Yaakov Bender, Ross Buckley, Nancy Falk, Richard and Camille Forman, Sarita and Ruben Gober, Gary and ‎Karin Fragen, Elliot‎ Fuld, Helena and Marvin Goldstein, Senator Lindsey Graham, Sharon and Sinclair Haberman, Andrea Harris, Tim R. Maynes, Sara and Ephraim Mernick, Bashy and Lenny Mezie, Lisa Mitchell, Harvey Morgenstern, Jeff Morgenstern, Ambassador David Roet, Phil Rosen, Bracha and Raphi Rosenbaum, Liora and David Rosenblum, Eliana Sable, Linda Sandell, SAR Academy, Brad Schwartz, SoulCycle, Naomi Spira, Solly and Vera Spira, Liora and Michael Stein, Hal Weidenfeld, Susie and Moshe Weisel, Corinne Zadik, Orital and Zevi Weinroth, Michael Wildes

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