Ofir Shaer’s Poem, Recited on Yom Hazikaron

2017 Memorial Day 14 Ofir Shaer (3)


The Journey Between Places

By Ofir Shaer,

Recited at OneFamily’s Yom Hazikaron ceremony.


Every man has a place which was given to him by his father and mother

Every man has a place which is given to him by his character,

Every man has a place which is given to him his friends,

Every man has a place which is given to him through his memories,

Every man has a place which is given to him through his death.


From the place of the low chair and with a heart fluttering between heaven and earth

I hears the words and my heart refuses to accept them.

“The Place (G-d) will comfort you” (words traditionally said in a house of mourning)

And me

I’m searching for The Place

Wanting to find comfort


From the place where I sit in the synagogue,

The emptiness of the seat next to me stands in constant pain

”From his place may he turn with compassion” (words said in kaddish prayer)

And me

Searching for The Place

Seeking His mercy


From the pavement on a street in Tel Aviv

The call comes to return home

Because there are developments….

And I’m on my way back to the place

Which will never be the same again.


From the place where he was found amongst hills and rocky terrain

There is a cry of pain and a cry of gratitude

”And he saw the place from afar” (from the story of the binding of Yitzchak)

And me

I saw the place of the Sacrifice of Yitzchak up close


From the place of the computer screen at home

Where his pictures were constantly flickering

And me

I looked away

Unable to comprehend

The void in front of me and the void which opened up inside me


From the place of the picture on the mantelpiece in my office

Which I placed with fear and courage

Constant reminders of him in front of me every day

The smile that accompanies my life

And me

Beginning to digest

Trying to look at the painful place

Straight into his eyes


From the place in our new home

He was so excited and full of anticipation

And I am filled wonder about the strength of my beloved

And I

Try together with her every morning anew

To strengthening the foundation that experienced a storm


From the place of deep and shattering pain

Shine five daughters filled with light

And I

Try to absorb within me

The joy of seeing them happy


From the place where I stand here

With “OneFamily” that is unparalleled

Between thick walls

Who know of crying and pain and hope

And I

Finding a sympathetic ear and an understanding embrace


From the place where he lay with his friends

A prayer is engraved in stone and heart

“A perfect rest in which you desire, may your children understand and know that from You comes their rest and through their rest, they will Sanctify Your Name” (Atah Ached prayer – Shabbat afternoon service)

And I

Still desire

To find The Place.

The place of peace of mind




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