Honorees at OneFamily UK Gala Dinner

Chanan Hayoun


Chanan was wounded in the suicide bombing at the Hadera market on October 26, 2005. He was 17 years old at the time, a 12th grade student.

When the bomb went off, Chanan had just finished a driving lesson and went to buy a falafel. The bomb exploded 10 feet away from him, wounding him severely. He suffered head and stomach injuries, fractures in his arms and legs, and hearing loss. Doctors said he would not last the night. He spent a week in a coma. After a series of medical procedures, his condition stabilized.

Chanan remained in the hospital for three more months and underwent more operations. He recovered 25% of his hearing and remains partially paralyzed down the left hand side of his body. He also has shrapnel lodged in his body, which grates painfully each day. Chanan is forced to wear a pressure suit over his whole body under his clothes and must undergo many more operations.

Although he was not obligated to serve in the IDF because of his injuries, he insisted on volunteering to with the IDF spokesman’s office. Chanan travels the country as a counselor helping young terror victims.

Sitting in the front row of lectures so Chanan could read the lips of his lecturers, Chanan recently completed his Master’s Degree as Israel’s top law student at Tel Aviv University’s School of Law after being selected to join the accelerated program, reserved for the very brightest, highly intelligent and motivated students.  His scholarship was funded by One Family.


Avigdor Gavish


Pesach 2002, Avigdor’s family was together to celebrate. All his siblings as well as his grandfather and uncle came to visit and spend the holiday together in Elon Moreh. The night after the seder, Avigdor’s parents were getting ready to go out for the night. When they opened the door, a stream of bullets entered the house, killing his mother, father, and grandfather. Avigdor’s oldest brother, Avraam, was shot in the leg. A major in the army at the time, he returned fire but was killed as well.

Avraam’s wife and daughter were hidden under the table and managed to escape while the terrorist was distracted. Avigdor describes the feeling as “a radioactive bomb and the radiation keeps hitting us, even after many years” Avigdor was serving in the IDF at the time and was only 20 years old. The remaining six children, ages 15 to 22, managed to escape out of a second floor window.

For Avigdor and his siblings, the pain never goes away. Like other members of the Orphan’s division of OneFamily, the tragic and sudden loss of both parents in terrorist attacks grabs their foundation, their sense of stability and security. Their wounds last a lifetime, even as they grow up and build families of their own.

OneFamily allows Avigdor and his siblings to remember their parents, who were both teachers. Avigdor remembers his childhood as one of much laughter and song. His father loved to sing and his mother often joined him playing the piano. With the help of OneFamily, Avigdor moved forward with his love of music.

It is through Avigdor’s music that he has been able to cope. Avigdor studied engineering but in the last six years, he has focused on his musical career and recently launched his first album “Yom Chadash-New day”. His album is the ‘bridge between pain and hope’.

OneFamly has been a part of Avigdor’s life since the fateful terror attack and encouraged him to follow his dreams. Avigdor recently went on a OneFamily retreat to new York, with other members of the Orphan’s division where he had the opportunity to fulfil a lifelong dream by playing the piano on the fabled stage at the Carnegie Hall.


Mary Dan Goor

Mary Dan Goor

Mary’s son Eran was killed in 2008 during a military operation in Gaza. During the operation, 25 terrorists were killed and four weapons manufacturing sites were destroyed. One other soldier was also killed along with Eran.

After Eran’s death, Mary was devastated. “Nothing was important anymore. … I wanted to lie in bed and die, may my children forgive me,” Mary said. “Since Eran was killed, OneFamily has been a constant support to me and my two sons.” Mary participates in a number of events for bereaved mothers, including a trip to London.

Today, Mary is a research doctor at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. She earned a degree in psychology and started doing research about bereavement. Mary created a study dedicated to researching bereaved parents over time. Through this new research, Mary was able to grow and understand more about her own grieving process.





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