Youth Division Activities Challenge and Inspire

The Youth Division, which serves the needs of bereaved children ages 8-24, opened the year of activities with outings for every age group.

The action began with a midnight hike for the oldest division, known as the Senior Youth Division, which organizes activities for 18-24 year olds. The group welcomed new members who had graduated to the division since the summer, and caught up with those who have started a new phase in their lives, like joining the army.

Other divisions held fun but challenging activities designed to push each member to find inner resources to succeed or overcome fears while enjoying time with other bereaved children. Activities such as a scavenger hunt across Jerusalem or even water-skiing in Tel Aviv help the children bond with new members or deepen friendships with those they already know.

The time spent together contributes to their healing. That’s the Power of Together. Activities that give children who have suffered the trauma of losing a close family member the chance to feel “normal” for the day brings more healing than hundreds of hours of therapy.

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