Stories of Courage – Eden Dadon’s Thanksgiving

Eden Dadon from OneFamily on Vimeo.

Just a few days before Passover in 2016, Eden Dadon’s life changed forever. She and her mother had taken a bus to shop for the holiday when suddenly, a bomb placed behind Eden’s seat detonated. The explosion engulfed the bus in flames, burning Eden across much of her body.

Eden spent seven weeks in the hospital, including three weeks in intensive care, and months homebound and barely able to walk.

But she survived. She was 16 years old at the time.

With extensive rehabilitation, which continues today, she has improved enough to walk with a cane. Her skin has begun to heal as well.

To celebrate her progress, Eden held a feast of thanksgiving, hosted and arranged by OneFamily, for the miracle of survival. Her life is no longer in danger. The worst is behind her. Through profound courage, perseverance, and an unbreakable spirit, Eden has overcome the obstacles she has faced so far.

Speaking to the seventy friends and family who joined her in giving thanks, Eden noted that the road to recovery remains long but she has made great strides since the attack.

“Thank you to everyone who came,” she said. “One year and seven months ago, I was badly hurt, and today I feel so much better than before. Even though at the beginning of my journey to recovery I wasn’t even capable of walking, now I have the strength to make up all the matriculation tests that I missed, and I want to go back and continue learning.”

OneFamily coordinator Mindee Levinger, who has been a constant source of support and assistance for Eden and her mother Rachel since the attack, praised Eden’s boundless spirit despite the enormous challenges.

“I’ve seen many miracles over the years, and Eden is one of them,” Mindee said. “I’m grateful for every single day, and I wish Eden that she should continue persevering and always seeing the positive, optimistic side of life. I’m am so proud of her.”


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