Never Give Up on Yourself – Moriah’s Speech at Chanukah Camp

Chanukah Camp 2017

On the last night of Chanukah camp, bereaved children stand up before the entire camp and speak about their journey of healing. 

The following is the speech from Moriah: 

My name is Moriah and I am 14 years old.

My brother Neriah and seven of his friends were murdered in a terror attack at Merkaz Harav 10 years ago.

I joined OneFamily five years ago when I was in third grade.

I wanted to tell you about something that happened to me.  After my brother Neriah was murdered, I experienced a serious incident that caused me to limp on my right foot.  Last summer at camp something very meaningful happened to me.

Our group went ice skating and I was very scared because I did not want to skate and hurt my leg again, but then my group gave me a hand and walked with me together on the ice. It gave me strength and the feeling that I was not alone and there was someone with me who I could always hold on to.

And I succeeded! At first I did not believe in myself,  but after they helped me, it gave me confidence and I could do it.

This year I did not want to dance. I was afraid everyone would laugh at me. My counselor did not give up on me. She insisted that I dance and that I ignore anyone who laughs. At the last minute, I decided to dance – and it made me feel like I should not give up on myself even when it was difficult.

Never give up on yourself.

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