Hope and Pride at the Jerusalem Marathon

For OneFamily…

Jerusalem Marathon day is one of the most exciting days on the calendar.

It’s a day of hope and triumph, friendship and pride.

It’s a day of overcoming adversity.

With love and support, victims of terror run through the streets of Jerusalem without fear.

They pass by many sites of terrorist attacks and turn these places of pain into sites of strength.

It’s a day of unity.

More than 300 people from across the world joined Team OneFamily to show support for victims of terror. The group included Arabs and Druse who lost children to terror, as well as more than one hundred children who lost a sibling or parent.

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It’s a day of enormous achievement. Leiba Rimler flew in from New York for the fifth straight year to be part Team OneFamily. She placed fourth in the half-marathon!

Beatie Deutch, who raised money for OneFamily, placed first among Israeli women in the full marathon! She’s our new Wonder Woman.

It’s a day of fun and good spirits.


It starts the night before the run with a pasta party with live music, karaoke, and great food to prepare for the run. The energy and magic didn’t stop.

It’s a day of famous faces. Renowned recording artist Ohad Hitman came to pasta party to show support for victims of terror, and ran with the group the next day. Contestants from the hugely popular X-Factor program, Ayela Sinai and Mor Ben Shimon, mesmerized the crowd at the party with their voices and magnetic stage presence.

“As we run through the streets of Jerusalem, we remember the great achievements that took place. We also remember the people who have suffered so we could carry on, and it is to them that Team OneFamily dedicates our run,” said OneFamily CEO Chantal Belzberg.

“Our team is made up of foreigners and Israelis, Jews, Arabs, and Druse, young and old, men and women, supporters, sponsors, volunteers, staff and victims of terror. We are deeply proud to embody the word “Together” as a path to healing.”


You could feel the Power of Together.

We thank the runners ESPECIALLY. You are our heroes. YOU did it! YOU are FABULOUS!

We so look forward to doing it together next year, March 15th 2019.

We thank all of the supporters, sponsors, volunteers, staff, and the countless cheerleaders who brought the good vibes with them throughout the day.


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