Weekend Terror: 3 Bereaved Families, 1 Widow, 4 Orphans


The news was heartbreaking, and grew more devastating as the hours passed.

Three people were murdered in cold blood in two attacks, leaving behind three bereaved families, a widow, and four new orphans.

On Friday, two IDF soldiers – Ziv Daus, 21, and Netanel Kahalani 20 – were murdered in a car-ramming attack near their base in Mevo Dotan. The terrorist saw soldiers standing outside their base, turned his car around and accelerated at the group, killing two and seriously wounding two more.

Less than two days later, Adiel Kolman, 32, was brutally attacked by a terrorist in the Old City of Jerusalem, stabbed to death on his way home from work at the nearby City of David. Adiel was a married father of four small children – the oldest is only nine years old.

OneFamily has reached out to the families to let them know they are not alone to carry the burden of recovery. We will be there to help them financially, and offer a range of therapeutic services.

In addition to his wife and children, Adiel leaves behind his parents and six siblings. One of his sisters is scheduled to get married in a month, and now he will not be able to be there. He lived in the town of Kochav Hashachar.

At his funeral, Israel’s Chief Rabbi David Lau said Adiel was headed home to watch his children and to prepare for Passover with his wife. “The Haggadah speaks of four sons. Now there are four children left, and who will answer them when they ask ‘Why is tonight different from all other nights?’ Where is the kind, caring, and loving father?”

knife from old city stabbing
Knife used in murder of Adiel Kolman

Ziv Daus is survived by his parents and two younger sisters. He lived in the town of Azor, near Tel Aviv.

Family members describe him as a quiet, modest man, who looked out for the needs of others and cared deeply about his country. He fought to join a combat unit to defend his people.

After his funeral, Ziv’s family gathered at Ziv’s grave to cry and mourn together. His mother burst into deep tears. “Who is now going to tell me, ‘Mom, thank God everything is okay’?”

Netanel Kahalani is survived by his parents, and four brothers, one of whom is currently serving as a combat soldier the IDF’s Golani Brigade. He lived in Elyakim.

At Netanel’s funeral, 2,000 people were in attendance, crying together with his family.“I loved you so much, and I lost you in a second. Twenty years is nothing, but I am thankful for them” said his father.  “I have not yet processed this and I don’t know if I can go on.”

OneFamily will be there to help each family through all the stages of recovery, offerings healing retreats, youth camps, and personalized therapeutic programs specially suited for each member of the family.

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