Bar Mitzvah Spotlight: Izzy Gober

izzy and Magen Israel







Izzy Gober is a twelve year old boy from New York. He loves baseball, hockey, basketball, and all sports that a fourth grader loves. Izzy will also be celebrating his Bar Mitzvah this July in Israel. In anticipation, he really wanted to get to know a fourth grader like him in Israel.

OneFamily introduced him to Magen.

Magen Israel is in fourth grade and he also likes to play all kinds of sports with his friends. But last year Magen Israels’s father Even Ezer was badly wounded in a car ramming attack. The driver saw Even Ezer waiting at a bus stop and accelerated directly into him.

The wounds were so severe, the family did not know if he would be able to leave the hospital for Magen Israel’s Bar Mitzvah at the end of February. Fortunately, he recovered enough to attend the celebration, but still faces a long road in his journey to recovery.

When Izzy heard that Magen Israel may not see his father on the day of his Bar Mitzvah, he reached out with words of support. “I am sorry that you may not be able to celebrate your Bar Mitzvah with your father.” he wrote him in a letter. “I hope he can attend.”

Together with his parents, Sarita and Ruben, Izzy also invited Magen Israel to his own Bar Mitzvah. The boys plan to meet up when Izzy’s family arrives in Israel, and hope that their budding friendship can continue to grow.

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