Yonaton Razel Brings Passover Cheer to Orphans


“Every generation, they rise up against us, and every generation we are saved.”  That’s the theme of the Seder song Vehi Sheamda – and it could well be the theme song for OneFamily’s Orphans Division – for those who suffered the loss of both parents in a single terrorist attack.

Each of the orphans personally experienced the devastating power of those who would destroy the Jewish people, and each has survived the ordeal. Many of them have their own children to carry on into the next generation.

So it’s only fitting that the group gathered before Passover and that its special guest was the popular musician Yonatan Razel, whose most famous song is none other than Vehi Sheamda. His arrangement of the song was voted “Song of the Decade” in 2009 by an Israeli radio station.

Yonatan joined the group for Shabbat and led a spirited sing-a-long that began when the sun started setting. Yonatan is one of the most expressive singers in Israel, and his heartfelt songs of survival and strength went straight to the hearts of the orphans and their families.

Another guest joining the group this year was David Hatuel, President of OneFamily Israel. In 2004, David’s pregnant wife Tali and four daughters, ages 2 – 11, were killed in a drive-by shooting attack.  Ddavid has since remarried, and he and his wife make it a point to attend the Orphans weekend before Passover each year.

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