Mahoziada Brings Out the Best in Soccer Team

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The OneFamily-Esther Lynn Burnett Soccer Team returned to the prestigious Mahoziada soccer tournament in Eilat, where the team took first place last year in its division. The team dominated the competition again this year, reaching the semi-finals before getting knocked out of the tournament in a penalty shootout.

The soccer team is made up of injured and bereaved young adults who come together to share their love of soccer. The team functions as a powerful support network for its members, who get together weekly for games and practice sessions and hold monthly get-togethers. The team participates in the Business League in Jerusalem.

Team members bond over their common loss. Each of them have been affected by terror in different ways. The team provides an outlet to work together towards a common goal during the games, and to spend time and enjoy each other’s company outside of the game.

The Mahoziada championship provides an opportunity for the team to spend a week together as a retreat from their daily lives and responsibilities. While the purpose of the tournament is ostensibly soccer, the real value for the team members is the time they spend together, on and off the field.

Team members say their strong performance in the tournament in recent years is a reflection of the bond they form throughout the year and strengthen at the tournament. For this team, soccer is a tool for them to come together.

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