Shimrit Adar Energizes Night of Dance and Laughter

The summer kicked off in style at OneFamily as more than 200 girls and women, terror victims and friends of OneFamily took part in an uproarious night of dance and comedy.

Inspiring dance instructor Shimrit Adar led the women in a spirited Zumba session at the start of the night, and came back later to keep the energy flowing.

The girls joined in, filling the room with movement and the sounds of laughter.

The laughter increased dramatically as stand-up comic Noya Mandel hit the stage to perform a hilarious routine. The crowd roared with glee throughout the entire performance, clinging to every word that came out of her mouth.

When she finished her routine, the music started again. With Shimrit leading the way, the women began to dance with the never-ending energy, releasing the tension they hold inside. The immense power of dancing and laughing in a room with people who you love was evident to all.

Every woman left the room with a smile on her face, her heart feeling a little bit fuller, and ready to face whatever challenges the summer throws their way.

17 Ladies Summer Party Crown Plaza May 2018

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