Rudy Giuliani Speaks About Combating Terror


As Mayor of New York during the devastating 9-11 attacks on the city, Rudy Giuliani guided the entire city – and all of America – through one of the most traumatic episodes in American history.

His steady leadership made him a symbol of courage and stability under fire and brought him enough support to propel a run for president of the United States. Today, he serves as a trusted advisor to President Donald J. Trump.

He brought his expertise on terrorism – both in how to fight against it and how to help people cope with it – to the OneFamily Center for a special evening. He singled out OneFamily for its role in building strength and resilience in Israel.

He told the audience that he succeeded in motivating his emergency workers during the intense 9-11 crisis by making sure they knew that if something happened, their families would be looked after. “They had to know, for their morale to be strong, that their families would be taken care of,” he said.

The reason they had the courage to risk their lives, he added, “was because they knew that their society was behind them, that if something happened, Gd forbid, they knew their families would be taken care of, the way they would have taken care of them.”

OneFamily, he said, does the same thing for the entire population of Israel.

“The people who protect you, and all the citizens of Israel, and the people who come here, have to know that if something happens to them, their families will not be abandoned,” he said. “And OneFamily has, from the very beginning, stepped in and filled that role.

“Government can’t really do that,” he continued. “Government can protect us from terrorism. Your government, and ours under Pres. Trump, does everything it can. But no government can be 100% perfect. So then we have to step in, the people, and show other people that we care about them.”

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