HUGE Victory: Bill to Withhold PA Taxes for Pay-to-Slay Passes Committee

Knesset vote


A Knesset bill calling on Israel to withhold tax money from the PA in the amount that PA sends to terrorists and their families passed its first hurdle on Monday. The Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee voted unanimously to approve the bill, moving it to the Knesset plenum.

“The Israeli government will not serve as a conduit for transferring money to terrorists,” said Avi Dichter, who heads the powerful committee.

The PA budget calls for $403 million to terrorists in 2018. The most severe terrorists, those serving prison sentences of 20 years or more, receive a monthly salary many times greater than the average Palestinian worker.

MK Elazar Stern, who proposed the bill, said the law corrects a historic injustice. ”This is a law that will reduce terror!” he said.

Prior to the vote, OneFamily Chairman Marc Belzberg called on the Knesset to force the PA to end its “pay-to-slay“policies, which reward terrorists for killing Israelis.

“It is no wonder that terror never stops,” he said. “There is never an end to individuals who would like to give their family a high level of financial security. Only the PA offers financial security to suicide bombers, car rammers, machine gunners and axe wielders that kill Jews. The more dead, the more financial reward they receive.

“In the PA, a well-respected and most highly paid profession is being a murderer of Jews, a terrorist. Like every profession, it has its risks, but the rewards more than compensate for the risk involved,” he added.


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